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During evenings and weekends, it is possible to take part in different happenings and courses.
In the library, museum, theater and movie theater one can enjoy culture.
In indoor icerinks, football halls, sport house and swimming hall one can enjoy sports. Nature walks, frisbeegolf courses and parks also offer possibilities to spend spare time.

The youth services have spaces where the youth can meet each other.

Tourists and new residents visit https://www.visitraahe.fi/en for more information on activities etc.




Movie theater

Raahe Event House 

  • Concerts and cultural events 
  • Raahe: Kirkkokatu 28, 2nd floor

Indoor ice rink

Football hall


Sports halls / Sports park

Swimming hall


Frisbee golf

Spaces for youth

Raahe:  Youth cafe Cuppi, Fellmanin puistokatu 3, Raahe
  Antinkangas youth space, Isoholmintie 6, Raahe
  Ollinsaari youth space, Ollisaarenkuja 1, Raahe
  Pattijoki youth space Hengari, Pattijoentie 2, Pattijoki
  Saloinen school center, Kisatie 2, Saloinen
  Vihanti youth space Olotila, Kirkkotie 2, Vihanti
Pyhäjoki: Youth cafe Kahaveli, Vanhatie 37, Pyhäjoki
Siikajoki: Youth house Ruori, Pekkalantie 11, Ruukki

Third sector operators and churches also have a variety of activities for spare time. Up to date information can be found on the organizations’, associations’ and churches’ own web pages.

Useful links

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Instructions on taking saunas in Soraniin Farsi, in Somali, in Arabic and in English

Fishing in Pyhäjoki fishing guide

Information on volunteer work (made by the Memomi-project)  in Russian, in Kurdish, in Somali, in Arabic, in English and in Finnish

Partnership programme by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment