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TE-services and Local government pilots on employment provide information and guidance on employment


Fellmanin puistokatu 3, Raahe

Service without an appointment Mondays 9.00-16.00

Service with an appointment Tuesday - Friday 9.00-16.00

  • Reservations and telephone service 029 502 5500 Monday – Friday 9.00-16.15

Registering as a jobseeker is important. The jobseeker must have residence permit or other right for job seeking in Finland. Registrating is possible

  • Online in the TE-services E-SERVICES
  • Telephone service 029 502 5500 Monday – Friday 9.00-16.15
  • TE-services office, Fellmanninpuistokatu 3, Raahe


Local government pilots on employment

Rantakatu 8 C, 3st floor, Raahe


Guidance without an appointment Tuesday – Thursday 10.00-14.00

Guidance in Pyhäjoki, Siikajoki and Raahe

  • Reservation 040 130 8205 Monday – Friday 12.00-14.00 or kuntakokeilu[at]raahe.fi
  • An expert will make an evaluation and client plan based on the situation of the client. The plan will be made and filled out together with the client. Co-operation with the social services can be done if needed.  
  • Translation is used, if needed

Services promoting employment

  • Job seeking and career coaching, rehabilitation, work and training trials, pay subsidy, labour market training or independent studies are ways to become employed.
  • Work shop activity gives a possibility to try out different tasks.


Raahe region development

Rantakatu 5D, 2nd floor, Raahe

Guidance to business establishment

  • Reservation 040 830 3198 or 040 830 3018


Unemployment Security

A job seeker can receive unemployment benefit or labour market support from the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) or the Unemployment Funds Central organisations (if a person is a member).

Kela, Kauppakatu 42, Raahe 

  • Kela online services
  • Telephone service 020 692 210 Monday – Friday 9.00-16.00
  • Kela office Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 12.00-16.00
  • Brochures in English, in Russian and in Estonian and also social assistance brochure for costumers in 11 different languages
  • Central Organisations of Labour Markets and Unemployment Funds Central organisations

The employment matters of unemployed immigrants are handled by the Local Government Pilots On Employment.

Also employed can register as job seekers. Employed persons matters are being handled by the Northern Ostrobothnian TE-services. Employed persons have a right to an initial assessment and integration plan.

Also various projects offer help and guidance in finding a job.


Useful links

Tips for asylum seekers seeking for a job

Tips for quota refugees seeking for a job

Basic information on Finnish working life (SAK) in English , in Russian , in Estonian, in Thai, in Polish , in Somali, in Arabic, in Finnish

Information about light entrepreneurship and cooperative activities in English, in Somali, in Arabic , in Dari, in Finnish

WorkeenA Game for EU Labour Markets Integration (google play)

Working life diversity programme (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland)